Volition Progress Report

I've made a few more name changes to the tracks to keep with the theme of the album.  "Mobilize - The Hypocrisy of Order" has been changed to "Mobilize - The Erosion of Order".  "Mobilize - Destabilize/Disrupt" has been shortened to "Mobilize - Disrupt".  "Invention" has changed in both title and style.  The new title is "The Rise of Asymmetry" and instead of a classical piece, it's now kind of a modern film-score piece which is far more interesting to me.

I've been focusing on "The Rise of Asymmetry" by working on it almost every night for the past 2 weeks.  Very happy with the progress I've been making.   After this song, there are only two more tracks to complete and the album will be ready to go (finally).  In terms of the writing process, I definitely saved some of the more difficult songs for last and that's part of the reason it's taken me so long to get this album finished.  I have a feeling that "Mobilize - The Erosion of Order" will come together pretty quickly as most of the pieces for that song are already in place.  I plan to work on that next however, "Enlightenment" is still far from completion and I'm planning to hit that last so I can give it my full attention.

I've also recently come up with a great finger-style bassline that I'm thinking about adding into "Tomorrow, Innocence".  I don't want to force it if it doesn't work, but I'm still exploring that possibility.

As of this posting, no one except my wife knows about bassmills.com.  Even those of you reading this are probably doing so after the fact.  I'm hoping to have the site populated with more features by the time I let people know of it's existence.  The official announcement for "Volition" will come in the form of a video trailer showing a behind-the-scenes look at the recording process for the album.

Looking to the future, there's an EP and a double album currently in the planning stages.  But, one thing at a time...  Look for "Volition" sometime this summer.

- Mills

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