2012 Volition Update

Two of the track names have changed. "Status Quo" is now "Volition". It's the opening track to the album and it felt right to rename it as the title track based on how the song turned out. "Blood Blister" is now "Zenithal". After looking at the rest of the track names, I decided "Blood Blister" didn't fit the theme.

Lately I've been trying to finish "Zenithal" at night after work. Writing the piano, guitar and drum solos for this funk/fusion song has been a lot of fun. Overall, I'm happy with how the album is shaping up. Trying to stick to self-imposed deadlines is pretty much impossible because the scope, orchestration and arrangement of this CD is bigger than anything I've done before. After I uploaded "Burn" to iTunes a year ago, I thought I could get "Volition" comp
lete within a few months. Looking back on that estimate... well... it's just laughable.

I've decided not to do any further track previews/updates through Soundcloud for this album. I'm close to the finish line and I'd prefer to keep the final tracks a surprise. Soundcloud makes it convenient to give people a snapshot of how a work in progress is going, but I think listening to too much stuff that is "almost done" diminishes the impact a finished album should have on the listener. So, I'll continue to use Soundcloud as a way to preview tracks on future albums, but I don't want to continually upload revised tracks until people are sick of hearing my music...

I've also decided to hold off on re-releasing my first album from 1999 and any subsequent music I made before 2005. Spending time cleaning up old tracks is tedious and uninteresting right now. If anything, I'll re-record the tracks I really like and release them at some point down the road. 

I have tentative plans for an EP and a double album following the release of "Volition" but will have to see where things stand after "Volition" is done and out the door.

Last thing, I would like to start updating my youtube channel with videos on a consistent basis. Monthly, weekly... it doesn't matter. But it's been a long time since I uploaded anything. If you guys have ideas for cover songs you want to hear or music lesson/theory/technique/
improv stuff you're curious about, let me know and I'll make it into a video. For those that want to check it out, my youtube channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/user/iambassmills/videos

Thanks again for sticking with this group. I appreciate the support and feedback.

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