My name is Jason Mills and I've been going by the "BASSMILLS" moniker since 1999 when I first started recording my music.  My musical experience started at the age of 5 when I began learning Suzuki violin.  I picked up bass at the age of 17 and I've been playing nonstop since then.  

I have over 19 years of playing experience and more than a decade of teaching experience.  Over the years I've studied music with:

- Shenandoah University jazz director, Golder O'Neil (private bass instruction)
- Virginia Tech jazz director, Chip McNeil
- World renown jazz bassist, Steve Novosel (private upright bass instruction)
- World renown jazz educator, Charlie Banacos (private theory instruction)
- The Coomber School of Music (private piano instruction)

I've performed and recorded with dozens of bands over the past two decades and played many venues up and down the east coast. I've been a music educator since 2001, teaching private bass and guitar lessons in the greater DC/MD/VA area.

Lastly, I was featured in the May 2001 issue of Bass Player magazine for my solo music.

"What gear do you use?"

Here's an abbreviated list of some equipment I use:

The Basses:
Warwick Corvette 4-string bass.  Light gauge cobalt roundwound strings.  Tuned low to high:  D-G-C-F.
Alembic Epic 6-string bass.  Light gauge steel roundwound strings.  Standard tuning.
Fender Aerodyne 4-string jazz bass.  Light gauge flatwound strings.  Standard tuning.     
Breedlove Atlas 4-string acoustic/electric bass.  Light gauge bronze roundwound strings.  Standard tuning.
Samuel Shen Model SB 200 3/4 Upright 4-string bass.  Standard Tuning.

The Amps:
SWR Super Redhead bass amp.  A 2 x 10" cabinet @ 350 watts.
SWR Goliath III extension cabinet.  A 4 x 10" cabinet that adds another 100 watts to the Super Redhead.

For specifics on my recording equipment, effects and studio setup head over to the "contact" section of the site and send me an email!

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